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Oct 29, 2016

A big thanks to our sponsors for this episode of The Horse Show Podcast: Holly Oaks Farm, D’arcy Lane Institute, Lynn Whetham of Stepright Capital, and Professional Edge Equine.

Leanne Knechtel of the Horse Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA) chats with us in this week’s episode of the podcast about her involvement and experience in the horse industry leading up to her current role as the conference coordinator for the HIAA. Leanne gives us a look at what is the HIAA, how the HIAA differs from the Alberta Equestrian Federation, and what her 5 year plan is for the association. She also gives a great breakdown of what to expect at the Alberta Horse Conference being held at the Strathcona County Community Centre in Sherwood Park, Alberta from January 13-15, 2017. There will be a variety of speakers on topics such as emergency preparedness, making end of life decisions for your horse, proper physiological horseshoeing, equine assisted learning, equine photography, veterinary product development for the equine industry, lameness diagnosis, biomechanics, deworming, tradition, progression and education in the equine industry, NSAIDs and their use, and a liberty demonstration by Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge winner Jim Anderson.

For more information on the Horse Industry Association of Alberta, you can visit their website at To find out more about the Alberta Horse Conference, there are resources on the HIAA website or check out the Facebook page at